flowsy church automation ai

helping churches focus on what's important with automation, ai & management tools.

Streamlined Communication

Track all communication lines with Flōwsy, from first-time visitors to regular attendees, in one software. Say goodbye to messages falling through the cracks. Keep every interaction organized & accessible to enhance engagement with your congregation.

Social Planner

Unify your social accounts and plan posts in advance with Flōwsy. From encouraging messages to targeted marketing, streamline your social media presence effortlessly.

Form Builder

Create unlimitied sign-up forms. Seamlessly within Flōwsy to gather details effortlessly.

Automated Sequences

Let Flōwsy handle your email, text & tracking needs automatically for you. Never worry about remembering again.

AI Communication

Train Your Flōwsy chatbot to respond to common queries, such as service times & FAQs, with text replies.

Flowsy Companion

Don't worry about wording things correctly, let Flōwsy help you with replying to emails, wording on texts & forms, among countless other options.

Stage Tracking

Stop guessing; know where an individual is in their journey. Track whether they're new to the church, a long-time member, a regular giver, a volunteer & whatever else you want with Flōwsy.

Ad Management

Effortlessly launch & monitor digital ads with Flōwsy. Witness your success unfold. Track ad opens, church visits, membership growth, donations & more.


Stay updated without the daily check. Receive immediate updates sent directly to your entire team for prompt follow-up or informational updates.

and much more.

Flowsy Automation Sequence Templates

First Time Visitor
Think first-time guests are feeling lost & uncertain about what's happening at your church? Worried that some might slip through the cracks without getting the warm welcome they deserve? It's time to change that!
Salvation Checkups
Has someone just received the life of Christ, and you're eager to take them on a transformative journey, reminding and revealing to them the beauty of their new life? Let Flōwsy do that.
Baptism Sign Up
Ready to take the plunge but drowning in follow-up details? Let Flōwsy handle the logistics while you focus on the sacred journey ahead. Say goodbye to the hassle of tracking who's going where, when it's happening, and all the finer details. Let Flōwsy streamline your baptism process seamlessly.
Event Marketing
From the lead-up, to the big day, to the follow-up after, let Flōwsy take the reins in scheduling, promoting, and following up for your events. Say goodbye to the logistical headaches and hello to engaging with attendees like never before!
First Time Donation
When someone makes their inaugural gift to your church, it's a significant moment. Let's make them feel extra special with a heartfelt follow-up. With Flōwsy, every contribution becomes a cherished connection.
Large Dontation
When someone blesses your church with a generous gift above a set amount, it's a game-changer. Let's show them just how much their contribution is impacting our community with a personalized follow-up. With Flōwsy, gratitude knows no bounds.

+ many more