Explore Flowsy: Tools to simplify church management so you can focus on what matters.

Discover the full range of features that Flōwsy offers to streamline your church management experience.


Our favorite feature of Flōwsy, revolutionizes communication & engagement within your church community. By automating essential interactions such as welcoming, following up, and triggering countless other actions, Flōwsy ensures timely outreach, information dissemination & encouragement. This powerful automation tool allows you to focus on fostering genuine connections while Flōwsy handles the critical yet mundane tasks seamlessly & efficiently.
  • Communication Automation.
  • Personalized Engagement.
  • Efficient Task Management.
  • Enhanced Member Experience.


Manage all communication lines effortlessly. Navigate through messages, view history, and take actions like archiving or scheduling. Compose emails or SMS easily and manage contacts, appointments, and opportunities conveniently. Elevate your church communication with Flōwsy.
  • Easy Message Management.
  • Seamless Email & SMS.
  • Manage Contacts & Appt.
  • Scheduled Messaging.


Manage your members effectively within Flōwsy. Easily filter opportunities based on various criteria, create new opportunities with a simple click & export opportunity information effortlessly. Dive into individual opportunity cards to access contact details, pipeline stages, tasks, and custom fields, empowering you to streamline your lead management process efficiently.
  • Streamlined Management.
  • Customizable Options.
  • Detailed Insights.
  • Enhanced Efficiency.


Efficiently manage your church's internal calendar, appointments with members, room & equipment bookings, as well as Group and Staff schedules. With Flōwsy, you gain centralized control over your church's scheduling needs, ensuring seamless coordination and organization across all aspects of your ministry. 
  • Calendar Management.
  • Appointment Scheduling.
  • Group & Staff Coordination.
  • Centralized Organization.


Manage your church's contact database effortlessly. Whether adding contacts manually or allowing self-registration through forms, Flōwsy ensures easy integration of new contacts. Utilize custom tags for personalized organization and leverage smart lists to group contacts dynamically. Additionally, create tasks internally for specific members, facilitating efficient follow-up & engagement within your congregation.
  • Effortless Contact Management.
  • Personalized Organization.
  • Dynamic Grouping.
  • Task-driven Follow-up.


Effortlessly create & manage your online store to showcase products and reach a global audience. Additionally, set up, manage, and distribute blog content seamlessly, enhancing your online presence and engaging your audience effectively. Utilize the intuitive page builder to create dedicated funnel or website pages for hosting your blog, complete with customizable layouts to showcase your content in either standard or compact formats.
  • Blog Management.
  • Online Store Creation.
  • Dedicated Blog Pages
  • Customizable Layouts.


Expand your reach effortlessly by creating unlimited forms without the need for coding skills. Collect essential information from your audience to tailor targeted and personalized content, fostering deeper engagement & connection with your church community.
  • Unlimited Form Creation.
  • Simplified Data Collection.
  • Enhanced Engagement.
  • Versatile & Intuitive.

Chat Widget

You can easily configure a chat widget on your website to engage & convert visitors into members effectively. By providing instant communication options, such as live chat, you can address visitors' inquiries promptly, nurture relationships, and guide them towards becoming valuable members. Flōwsy's Webchat empowers you to enhance user experience & increase engagement on your website, ultimately driving growth & fostering meaningful connections with your audience.
  • Get Website Visitors Into The Door.
  • Real-time Engagement.
  • Relationship Building.
  • Enhanced User Experience.


Host courses for free or for sale, offering valuable content to your community. Foster collaboration & interaction by creating groups within your community, promoting engagement & community building. Additionally, streamline recognition & achievement with Flōwsy's Certificates functionality, allowing you to create and issue certificates to members for completing courses or achieving milestones.
  • Course Hosting.
  • Community Collaboration.
  • Recognition & Achievement.
  • Enhanced Community Engagement.

Ad Management

Efficiently manage your Facebook & Google ads while accessing real-time statistics, including cost per conversion & conversion rates. Gain valuable insights into the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns, allowing you to optimize your strategies & maximize your return on investment. Flōwsy empowers you to make informed decisions and achieve greater success with your online advertising efforts.
  • Streamlined Ad Management.
  • Real-Time Statistics.
  • Optimization Opportunities.
  • Informed Decision-Making.